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A holistic assessment is often important to truly understand what is going on for the child/young adult. Evolving Potential therapists are able to complete a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments depending on the individual’s needs.



As Occupational Therapists our interventions are grounded within occupations, this means that they are activity based. Whether we are modifying the activity that is currently a challenge, the environment or the tools that are used for that activity, or working on skill development for the individual, our therapists will ensure that the intervention sits within the context of the client’s life. Therapy should not be ‘work’. It should not be another thing that a family needs to make time for.  As Occupational Therapists, our team will work with the client and their family to ensure that the strategies provided are integrated into your lives.


Supporting Families/Educational Facilities

Our Occupational Therapists are able to help you interpret and implement any recommendations/reports you have received from a specialist. We are also able to support you in your learning/understanding of your child’s challenges. 



At Evolving Potential we understand that reports are required for a variety of reasons; sometimes it is necessary to have written information to keep track of who you have in your support team and what their involvement has been, and sometimes it is important to have a report to share recommendations or advocate for funding. We believe that all reports should be informative whilst being easy to read, understand and follow. If you would prefer an alternative means of communication such as a summary phone call from your therapist then that is an option also. 

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