Benefits for the Child/Young Adult/Family

As Occupational Therapists our interventions sit within the context of the client’s life. This means that you should not have to ‘make time’ for therapy. Everybody’s challenges and goals are different so the benefits to the individual will vary.

Benefits for the child may include…
  • Being able to learn in the classroom

  • Being able to listen and follow instructions

  • Being able to make/maintain friendships

  • Being able to play with his/her family/friends

  • Being able to engage with his/her community

  • Being able to keep him/herself safe

  • Being able to write, draw and complete other fine motor tasks


Benefits for the young adult may include…
  • Becoming more independent from his/her parents

  • Being able to engage and learn in the classroom

  • Being able to participate in his/her community


Benefits for the family may include…
  • Understanding how your child processes information so that you feel confident around supporting them with their challenges

  • Feeling confident that you are able to provide instructions that your child can follow

  • Feeling confident that your child understands how to keep themselves safe when they are not with you

  • Having tools to be able to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods and maintain a healthy diet

  • Feeling confident that your child can manage their own toileting needs

  • Getting a good night’s sleep because your child can sleep in their own room

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